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King Charles puppies make delightful additions to anyone’s home. They are friendly and adapt well to most environments very quickly. They are eager to please and easy to train. Because they are a toy breed, they do not get very big. The breed standard is between 13-18 pounds and about a foot long. These dogs make excellent companions for both children and the elderly.

If you are looking for King Charles puppies as a member of your family, Lizmere Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in Charlotte, NC is a dog breeding facility that works hard to maintain a healthy pedigree for each of our puppies. We carefully check the breeding line of each parent to make sure that all of our puppies have a great start in life.

King Charles dogs are easy to care for, although they do require weekly brushing, as their coat is very silky and their hair will get long. They will get along well with your other dogs, large or small, but they will not make naturally good watch dogs, as they are very friendly and enjoy human interaction.

We breed our dogs to be healthy, but they can still develop some genetic health problems and other issues as they age. If our dogs exhibit any signs of medical conditions, they are immediately taken out of the breeding program.

Let us show why King Charles puppies are so popular. Visit our breeding facility, and you will become enchanted with these adorable puppies and want to take one home!

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